Here on some answers to frequently asked questions we get at CRM Mindset.

Are you guys really that knowledgeable at Salesforce?

Yes! Both of our salesforce experts on staff at Clarus Group are salesforce MVP which means they have been recognized and certified for their exceptional individual skills for leadership, knowledge and ongoing contributions to the salesforce community.  Salesforce only recognizes MVP candidates twice a year and selection is based on their contributions to the salesforce community like sharing valuable information, being a brand advocate, running developer/user groups, collaborating on salesforce forums and communities.

Can we hire you guys to work on optimizing my salesforce experience?

Yes, we are a full service consulting firm that can dedicate resources to clients looking to train, optimize, customize and implement salesforce across their enterprise for companies big and small.  Contact us for an RFP/bid on your next project.

Do you guys work on all CRM systems?

Yes, we have the staff and expertise to help with all CRM system implementations and optimization projects but we specialize in salesforce CRM as it is the number one choice for companies looking to improve there sales process and lead generation goals.